Who We Are

Founded on Values and Vision

The Baxi Partnership was founded by Philip Baxendale, and just as his image looks across each page, his values and his vision reflect the business we are today.

The business was founded in 1866 by Richard Baxendale as a family manufacturing and engineering business. The company made everything from street lights to railway trucks and ultimately became Europe’s leading manufacturer of heating boilers with the iconic Baxi Boiler.

The company was transferred into employee ownership by the Baxendale and Castleton families in 1983 with the creation of the Baxi Partnership Trust. The creation of the trust was the culmination of years or research by Philip and reflected the distillation of his thoughts based on the research and his extensive conversations with other leaders in the field of employee ownership.

The boiler manufacturing business thrives today having left the Baxi Partnership group in 2000. Since then we at Baxi Partnership have concentrated on supporting businesses to become employee owned either as independent employee owned companies or as part of our group.

We are a business that reflects the vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive of Philip, he grew the company through participative management practices from just 55 employees to almost 1,000 employee owners by the time he retired.

Philip believed that innovation and reinvestment which would benefit subsequent generations of employee owners was essential to ensure that the business was stronger than when he joined it. The principles of share ownership and capital growth underpinned his thinking about giving a financial return to the current generation of owners whilst building stronger foundations for future employees.

The Trust Deed which Philip put so much care into writing specifically made future employees beneficiaries of the trust so that it was always clear that the company should not be run solely for the benefit of those in post today.

We believe in employee ownership as a long term stable solution to ownership succession and we believe in the power of employees to make a difference. We combine those beliefs in employee ownership being actioned through direct share ownership and the legal and economic rights that attach.

Our support for other business to become independently employee owned sees many thousands of employees across the UK now benefiting from the opportunity to contribute to their companies as owners and to benefit from their rights of ownership in the way that works for them.

We are employee owners working together.


Chief Executive

John Alexander

Chief Executive

John is an entrepreneurial leader with specialist skills in strategy and problem solving within commercial settings. Qualified as a chartered accountant in 1985 he has extensive experience in delivering sustainable and creative outcomes for SME businesses.

He has twenty years of experience in managing and advising on employee ownership succession across the UK and is investment fund manager for Baxi Partnership. Role includes managing acquisition and disposal, determining and negotiating enterprise valuation, and syndicating finance.

John is currently the Independent trustee for Clansman Dynamics Ltd and Collective Architecture Ltd and has served as independent trustee, board director, and chair of a number of companies throughout his career.

Non Executive Director

Ewan Hall

Non Executive Director

Ewan specialises in transition, governance and ownership structures for employee owned organisations and social enterprises, and in supporting employee owned organisations post-transition.

He has been advising on employee ownership since 2003 and has worked with dozens of employee owned organisations. Ewan began as a corporate solicitor with the firm Wright Johnston & Mackenzie LLP, where he ultimately became a partner and head of the corporate group. Ewan holds a number of trustee / trustee director posts with employee owned organisations and is regularly asked to speak at employee ownership events across the UK

Trust Chair

Philip Hudson

Independent Trustee

Philip is a commerce and industry lawyer with experience of strategic change across a diverse group of businesses.

In a varied career he was a partner in a law firm prior to becoming a founding member of the in-house legal team at Powergen plc, Group General Counsel of Kelda Group plc, the owner of Yorkshire Water, and subsequently held the same role at Drax Group plc, the Yorkshire based electricity generation and supply business, where he was also Director of Corporate Affairs.

Philip is currently Chairman of Trustees of the Drax Group of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme. He is a non-executive director of Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust, and a consultant with The Effective Board LLP which advises listed companies on corporate governance.