How We Work

Autonomy With Oversight

The deals we do are built around the people within successful businesses.

We invest our capital and our time where we can see that it has the best chance of success, with people we trust, and businesses that can meet the aspirations of our Founder, Philip Baxendale.

We don’t want to run your business so you need to have the right people in place, however we do want to help you succeed so we will work to support strategy and lever the benefits of employee ownership with you.

We want to see successful businesses working with autonomy so we are there when you need us but we are not constantly looking over your shoulder.

We bring stability and structure with sound governance that is underpinned by a vision enshrined in our own Act of Parliament, the Baxi Partnership Limited Trusts Act 2000.

Capital needs a commercial return but we are not just about the money. We are looking for real Partners. We have helped buy factories, expand stocks, invest in acquisitions and transfer to employee ownership, we have even helped recruit leaders. Money is a useful tool for our Partners, it is not what defines our relationship.

The West Highland Free Press becomes employee owned in September 2009.
The West Highland Publishing Company became employee owned in September 2009 with advice and finance provided by Baxi Partnership. The employees became the new owners with the majority stake secured in an employee benefit trust deigned to secure the future of this provocative title in the western isles.