Partner Companies

Sector Leading Advice From Employee Owners

For the last 20 years we have been advising the employee ownership sector on the options for ownership succession.

We are proud that our Partner companies trading under the Baxendale brand in recognition of our founder Philip Baxendale, continue to support employee owned and community focussed organisations.

We recently established our partner company Baxendale Employee Ownership Ltd which has been formed having become one of the UK’s leading advisers on employee ownership. Together with the team, we have advised on employee ownership options for over 100 businesses with an aggregate turnover of over £500m and helped make over 6,000 employees co-owners of their own business.

The skills within our team help inform the design and structure of our own employee ownership model and how it interacts with the businesses and employees within our group.

Baxendale Advisory Ltd which spawned our ownership team are an innovative group of consultants serving predominantly the health and community care sectors delivering innovation to the workplace and supporting in-house teams with organisational change, contract readiness and bidding.