Ownership Succession

Business owners face multiple challenges when looking to pass the baton.

Employee ownership offers an innovative solution for many companies. Some plan to operate completely independently like the Galloway and Macleod team pictured as they mark their move from family ownership to employee ownership. Others can benefit from a structure of governance, corporate and financial support around them as they make the transition.

As well as advising and financing ownership succession, we buy businesses to join our group of employee owned companies. We don’t do MBO’s or private equity, where a company is sold again, and possibly again.

We deliver a permanent solution to ownership succession with our holding company secured within a trust for the benefit of all employees. We have no need to sell any company, so we can encourage long term investment and keep the profits generated within the company to benefit the employee owners.

We offer a secure structure of ownership, stable governance, and a commitment to shared prosperity, influence, and wellbeing for employees within the company they work in.

We do not provide your leadership, you need to have the people in place who can effectively lead the business with our support.

If your company is looking at ownership succession then look a little further at something a little different.

Galloway & MacLeod celebrate becoming employee owned.
On a cold December day in 2010 , Galloway & MacLeod became employee owned. Ralph MacLeod (far left) was inspired to investigate employee ownership by David Erdal’s book ‘Local Heroes’. Baxi Partnership advised on the transaction that saw the then 138 year old company move to a stable structure of ownership that would reflect the values and independence so cherished since the company was founded in 1872.